A Single Point of Contact for your Business and Home

Our companies are built on the future of technology being involved in all aspects of our lives.  Whether you're needing a Home Theater, a nice new showroom or conference center, a retail shop, a restaurant. Your business HAS to have the technology built to be upgradeable, provide simplicity for yourself and/or employees, increase profit and be cohesive with your brand image and style.

Our company portfolio provides that with a single point of contact and personal account manager to ensure your needs are met.

We have over 5000+ partners so if it's in these categories.. chances are they work with us

  • Telcom, Internet Service, Phone Providers
    • (Like Comcast, Centurylink, AT&T, Rise, UBB, Verizon, Sprint)
  • Antivirus, Security, Firewalls
    • (Webroot, PfSense, Watchdog, Sonic and more)
  • PCI & HiPAA Compliance, Audits, etc
  • Content Creation, Video, Graphics, voice talent, actors (for your websites and phone systems)
    • This ensures branding by specialists in your industry, not jack of all trades
  • SEO, Adwords, Web Design, Social Media and Brand Management
    • Bring traffic to your site that converts with proven metrics
  • PC, TV, Audio/Video, Networking and other manufacturers
    • Sony, Sonos, Bose, ICC, Kef, HP, Dell, etc
  • Printers
    • Xerox, HP, Canon, etc

Don't Forget...

As our client you can bundle many of our services into one streamlined package designed

not only to SAVE you money.. but to make you money!! $$$